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Is there value in sketching? Urban Sketching Symposium

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Do hand rendered images and representations still have value in the field of Landscape Architecture?

For at least the past several years Landscape professionals have been involved in a game of catch-up in order to remain at the front end of rapidly changing technology and production systems. Everything is changing - from how designers brainstorm and represent ideas, to the production of documents for planning and construction, to the materials and process of construction.

I constantly find myself asking questions about what drives the value and necessity of these technological upgrades? And is it necessary to continue to utilize visual thinking and brainstorming skills such as sketching? 

I would like to highlight the practice of sketching,   and provide an example of how it still holds value for design professionals.  

Land8, a Landscape Architecture website, provides information about national and international design projects, professional development, and dialogue for design professionals. I try to make a habit of visiting this site weekly for various reasons:

1. To learn about cool new projects and follow project discussions.

2. Because when I am feeling uninspired I know that there is something on Land8 that will inspire me.

3. To understand and learn from perspectives of practitioners, students, and educators from around the world.

I recently found a posting about the "4th International Urban Sketching Symposium" in Barcelona. Participants from 30 different countries gathered together to celebrate sketching. The discussion itself is not provided, however a sampling of beautifully sketched street scenes are shared.

I am interested to hear other ideas of if and why sketching should be maintained as a standard practice for Landscape Architecture and design professionals.