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Upcoming Exhibition! Made In New York, at Maison Des Arts de Lavelanet, France

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Excited to share four watercolor paintings from my “Portraits of Nature” series were selected as part of a group exhibition in Southern France, along with eleven other NYC artists. The exhibition opens Friday 5th September and closes October 4th.


Painting From Series: On the Horizon 

The select paintings are part of the body of work “Portraits of Nature”. These works individually and collectively seek to evoke a sense of quiet and serenity, and capture the intimate experience of specific landscape experiences, through use of color, day-light-time, and sense of movement or stillness. 

Each painting is the culmination of many hours, days, and years spent observing daily or seasonal patterns of my immediate landscape. For example, the watercolor painting “Parallel Winds (2019)” comes from many cycling journeys along the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts. Many times these trips begin early - as dawn stretches its glow across the horizon, and end in quiet dusk with the backdrop of racing beams of light passing from various directions. This painting captures a quiet moment riding along a dynamic corridor of the city and a strong connection to elements of the natural world. It provides the opportunity for quiet, stillness, and reflection amongst the hectic frenzy of urban movement and life.

This series includes landscape scenes covering a spectrum from urban New York to the country side of Tuscany. In each there are lyrical moments which speak to experience of place, and our connection to the natural world. The inclusion of trees throughout the series signifies a long duration of time, and incredibly dynamic connections within the landscape scenes. They indicate a fundamental connection between even the most disparate landscapes.

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