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Rebecca Kanfer is a professional artist working out of her Long Island City art studio; she has worked on landscape based oil and watercolor paintings for over 15 years. Born in Burlington, Vermont she now lives in New York City and works in the landscape architecture/design industry. Holding membership to various artist collectives, Rebecca has exhibited throughout the northeast region of the United States, including NYC galleries during the past five years. 

After studying painting and design in Portland, Maine, Rebecca went on to receive her Masters of Landscape Architecture from an accredited university in New York. Here she learned about the design and representation of landscape as an ephemeral, poetic, and constructive medium. In her art work, Rebecca uses geometric patterns and colors of the landscape complimented by complex shapes and textures of nature.

Her most recent paintings are part of the body of work Color and Light. These works individually and collectively seek to evoke a sense of quiet and serenity, and capture the intimate experience of specific landscape typologies, through use of color, day-light-time, and sense of movement or stillness. 

Each painting is the culmination of many hours, days, and years spent observing daily or seasonal patterns of her immediate landscape. The painting provides the viewer the opportunity for quiet, stillness, and reflection amidst the hectic frenzy of urban movement and life, as does the process for me while painting. 

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